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We have been delivering Glucodos, the most reliable and simple glucose drink, for years. Our team is passionate about quality and how we can make use of glucose drink most easy!

Glucodos production is very stable, secure as it is done in high quality environment without allergens present. Yes, no nuts, wheat, corn, animal products around.

We are a great fit for even challenging customer groups!

Glucodos product family and packing box behind with Glucose 75 g Glucodos solution with 3 flavors 300ml bottles

Ready to use glucose drink

We provide simple ready-made glucose solution which is easy to drink. We learned from history one product won't fit all, so we have three flavors. How we operate, simple. Once the quotation has been given, agreement is done,
logistics will take boxes / pallets to customers address.

Why to change or start using Glucodos, see below 5 good reasons.


Great quality 75g/300ml

Glucodos is a high quality stable ready to use 300ml drink with 75g of glucose.


Allergen free production environment

In the production environment, no other raw materials are handled except for the ingredients in the glucose drink. GluCodos is allergen-free, meaning it contains no traces of nuts, soy, fish, or milk.


3 refreshing flavors

Three refreshing flavors are made from glucose drinks. The customer favorite is lemon. New products include raspberry-flavored and neutral-flavor Makia. Neutral Glucodos helps to save time from diluting glucose powder manually ( on the stove, you know ).


It is sooooo Sweet...

Glucose Drink GlucoDos Makia is a neutral-flavored glucose drink. Its design minimizes the quantity of ingredients and additives. It is suitable for customers who want to minimize the use of additives.


Correct product for right user

Right for Users The design of the glucose drink takes into account various usage needs. GlucoDos Lemon uses a natural flavor in very small quantities, yet it is not recommended for citrus allergics. GlucoDos Makia and Raspberry are suitable for those with citrus allergies

Professional testimonials

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Warehousing and logistics works great. We never had any shortage of Glucodos"

- Thomas (Finland)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Glucodos team has made good job with documenting. It really is accepted by vegans and healthcare professionals"

- Anette (Estonia)

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