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Check out the new licensing opportunity from Pishvanova Artists. People love Animal Century Collection - over 300 000 Faceboook followers in a year! Here is a very fresh licensing opportunity for cat and dog lovers. Book a coffee break and we will tell you more about new Animal Century concept.

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Our short coffee sessions are great. We love coffee but also great company and majestic animals. We know the current market, it is full new opportunities as traditional market is changing. Consumers are ready to try something new in many business areas. The rapidly changing business environment challenges us, business development professionals, to find new solutions for our customers.

Animal Century
New Life Style Opportunity

Learn more about the new licensing opportunity in several categories for manufacturers in Nordic Countries.

People love
Cats and Dogs!

People love Animal Century - Over 300 000 Facebook followers in one year! Licensing can be easy. Our licensing team supports you on every step.

New amazing licensors from KOOK!

Kook Management is member of AGMA / Licensing International Nordics. New Animal Centyry Style Guide gives new ideas about licensing! Book a coffee meeting now!

“Join us in the celebration of
Art, Fashion and Animals! ”

Anna Soldatenko
Founder of Pishvanova Artists 

Kook Management is a licensing agency in nothern Europe

Why is a KOOK and licensing fit for you in Nordic Countries?

With our experience in business development, we have new licensing properties for you to differentiate your products and services on the market. Plus we love coffee..our and cats and dogs. Hope to see you soon - Arto / Founder / Kook Management

Animal Century - Brand potential with fashion and animals

A property years in development appealing to mainstream as well as art house audience and all ages. Over 300 highly design -oriented versatile and uncommon artwork. Pishvanova is a brand combining art, design, lifestyle & fashion with unique distinquished animal imagery. Have a question about your new opportunity in licensing, Animal Century? Send us an email any time of day, and we’ll respond within 12 hours—guaranteed.

Highlights of licensing Animal Century

Animal Century Art Collection has been created by artist Maria Pishvanova, started in 2001. It shows the breadth of the artist's unique vision in depicting character, designing clothing, jewelry, patterns, and fabrics. Animal Century is trailblazing among dressed-up animal imagery. Think of its opportunities as an animal lover, cat, or dog owner. Kook Management represents Animal Century Collection in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. How majestic can this opportunity be?

KOOK helps your business development through licensing

We have expertise in business development, licensing and manufacturing. We believe in differentiation through licensing, creating new opportunities with our uncommon but still unique IPR owners. We represent licensors that we believe in. Kook is an active licensing agency looking for companies who need new tools for business development in certain market areas, to reach certain target groups, or just in need of great new products. How KOOK is that?

Animal Century Cat and dog imagery from Kook Management the licensing agency

Book a short coffee meeting with us! We will tell you more about Animal Century and the opportunities around it for Nordic Countries. 

We have launched a unique lifestyle brand with majestic animals in 2021. We have started the new licensing program with amazing design and product opportunities. Let's have a coffee, max 30 min, and we will tell you more!

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Animal Century from Pishvanova artists is collaborating with Nordic licensing Agency Kook Management